About Rezos

About us

REZOS Construction Company provides consulting and construction services for the implementation of investment projects in the construction business. Since the establishment of the company, the team has consistently stuck to the principle of being adequate to the market requirements and changes in the construction industry.

The company operates in three main areas:

  • design,
  • construction and
  • interior design.

REZOS Construction Company offers its clients complete solutions taking on the organization and implementation of the activities at all stages of the process - from the emergence of the original idea, through the design and supervision, until its final realization.

Our professional skills build on our experience in designing and constructing private and public buildings, SPA hotels and sports centers.

REZOS Construction Company offers its clients consulting and construction services within the overall implementation of construction investment projects:

  • conceptual solutions for architectural and design projects;
  • design at the phase of working project, architecture and constructions;
  • installations design - plumbing, El, HVAC and vertical layout;
  • construction works at the rough construction phase;
  • carry out all finishing activities;
  • supervision of the construction process in accordance with the requirements of the Bulgarian law;
  • interior design solutions;
  • furnishing and complete interior design;
  • consultations in the spheres of design, construction, interior design, legalization.